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Soundboard recorded live set. Remastered by Anon.
Soundboard Recorded DJ Set.
Soundboard recording. Officially uploaded by the clubs archives.
Starts in the middle of the set. No full recording of the set exists.
Professional audio recording. Re-broadcasted on BBC Radio 1. Remastered by Anon.
Soundboard Recording. Full Set.
Part of the set was broadcasted as a BBC Radio 1 Essential Selection in 1998. No full reording is known to exist.
Soundboard recording. Full Set.

Soundboard radio broadcast.
Soundboard radio broadcast.
Soundboard Recording. Full Set
Soundboard recording. First half is another DJ.
Radio Broadcasted DJ Set. It's a "preview set" for their upcoming set at I Love Techno, 1997

Soundboard Recording. Full Set.
Released as Alive 1997. Only 45 minutes of this set was publicly released. Remastered by Anon.
Streamed on Twitch in 2022. Remastered by Anon.
Soundboard radio broadcast. Full Set. Poor audio quality.
Soundboard radio broadcast. Excerpt. Full recording is not known to exist.
Soundboard Audio, Excerpt. Recording has Cassius @ October 26, 2002 at Geneva airport as the second half
Soundboard Recording.
Soundboard Radio Broadcast. Full Set.
DJ Set with DJ Sneak. Soundboard Recording.
Soundboard Radio Recording. Full Set.
Soundboard recording. Sounds like a early version of the 1998 essential selection. Broadcasted the same day as Global Tekno.

Soundboard Recording.
Soundboard Audio recording.
Soundboard recording, full set.
In Crowd Audio Bootleg
Sounboard Radio Broadcast. Full Set.
Soundboard Recording. Officially recorded live set, full.
Soundboard Radio Recording. Full Set
Radio Recorded DJ Set broadcasted during the Crydamoure world tour.
Soundboard Radio Broadcast. Full Set. Poor audio quality.
Thomas Bangalter played only synth solos over the tracks Cassius played.
Soundboard Radio Broadcast. Full Set.

Crowd recording. Thomas did not attend this event. Full set.
Soundboard radio recording. Full Set.
Soundboard Radio Broadcast. Full Set.
Soundboard Radio broadcast. B2B With Dominique Torti. Very poor audio quality. Full set.
Soundboard Recording. Thomas did not attend.
The set that changed live music.
In Crowd Audio Bootleg. Video recording of the majority of the set.
Soundboard radio recording. Full set, poor audio quality.
Released as Alive 2007. Due to concerns about this website's legal standing to begin with, I will not be hosting this set in an unaltered form. If a remaster appears in the future as with Alive 1997 I will gladly host it. For the meantime however, you can find the set on any streaming service, YouTube, CD or Vinyl.
Soundboard recording, only a snippet released.



Surprise appearance at Phoenix concert. Phoenix's lead guitarist Laurent Brancowitz were old friends of Thomas and Guy-Manuel, forming together the precursor band to Daft Punk, Darlin'.
The last radio set performed as Daft Punk.

Last public appearance of Daft Punk.
Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo for most of the sets here.
aj834 for their wonderful Google Sheets writeup of known sets that absolutely carried this project, also for writing the notes in each set.
MixesDB contributors and Daft Punk: Bonus Features for some sanity checks and set knowledge
Daft Punk Discord for inspiration & help
Anonymous remasterer.... you are an absolute legend
SA ST for a couple sets and bug reporting